Why Won’t My HP Laptop Charge?

It happens so often that users plug in their electronic devices like laptops for charging but realizes later that they forgot to turn on the switch. What a bummer, right? But, hey, it is at least not an issue at all; turn on the button and let the charging happen. However, if this step still does not work and the hp laptop won’t turn on, it will need more solutions. Do not worry about it, as it is very much a resolvable issue. Find below some quick, short, and doable things to restart the charging of the laptop.

hp laptop won't turn on
  1. Wire Problems
  • The foremost thing that needs attention is the cord of the concerned laptop charger. Unfortunately, people often handle it haphazardly, which leads to bents, breakages, and burnouts of the wire at some spots.
  • Any such hindrance will obstruct the transmission of power to the connected electronic device. Also, check the socket for any electrical faults.
  • Replace the damaged cord or adapter because they are preventing the laptop from getting charged.
  • Slow Charger
  • After inspecting the cord and the adapter thoroughly, if everything seems right, then there are chances that the blame is on the charger.
  • Yes, it is not just the plugged-in cable or the converting plug, but all the charging system components that include even the charger.
  • Everything must be in sync and proper functioning. For example, an old and inefficient charger with deficient watts might cause the hp laptop not turning on.
  • Ineffective Battery
  • An operational battery is another vital constituent of any charging procedure. The charger is outside the laptop, and the battery is its internal part.
  • Computer batteries have a very long life but are bound to cease one day. Therefore, they will need replacement at some point.
  • If the battery percentage falls quickly or charging takes long hours to finish, they are signs of poor battery health; hence, they prevent the device from getting charged.
  • Software Glitch
  • Every developer aims at removing bugs and making the operating system more efficient by introducing regular software updates. However, if a user misses bringing up-to-the-date their laptop’s OS, it can create charging issues.
  • A software glitch happens when the computer’s driver wears out, and when the driver stops working, it does not accept the power signals.
  • Resultantly, a hp laptop won’t turn on for not receiving any trace of the needed energy.
  • Laptop Settings
  • The functional settings of a newly bought or previously used laptop put on factory resetting will need to be put on the active status.
  • It is so because when an electronic device is raw, it is unproductive hardware. To turn it into a useful electronic device, it needs relevant software installation.
  • A printer, keyboard, mouse, etc., needs a soft program for connection, and a charger has the same requirement. Check the Control Panel Settings if facing charging issues.
  • Overheating or Overworking
  • Many users do not realize that keeping the CPU busy more than its primary capacity can cause the hp laptop not turning on.
  • What happens is that when some heavy or an over-number of files run on the laptop, they put a burden on the processor.
  • And when the CPU tries to accommodate functions more than its defined capability, it may blow up the circuit internally.
  • It also leads to overheating, and both situations hinder the charging of the laptop.

Why is my HP laptop not turning on?

Laptops are types of machinery, and it is acceptable for them to stop working at some times. But do not fret over the day when the screen would not turn on at all. Knowing the reasons will help to resolve this issue, as discussed below.

  1. Charging Issues- Be positive and try to look into the easy and less demanding battery issues at first. The list, as mentioned above, of minor troubles related to battery and charging, can be the reasons for any laptop not to start. So settle them to revive the activities of the laptop soon.
  • Hardware Malfunction- The battery, charger, and cord might be working extremely well, so in that case, check the functionality of the rest of the hardware. There might be chances that the motherboard, RAM, or other parts have gone faulty.
  • Software Attack- To wish the least, it can be a dire situation. A hp laptop won’t turn on if a virus badly infects its operating system. Some viruses can target the software of the electronic device that inhibits the system from waking up.

All these reasons can eventually prevent the laptop from getting started. So, be alert and try to consult a specialist. Self-diagnosis can prove to be an easy and cost-effective method, but it may sometimes bring bigger problems. Stay informed!