Why Is My Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages

Epson printers are one of the finest in the market. They are fast and effective and tend to have a longer life as well. In addition, they work fine with all types of devices, thus making them a perfect choice for those looking to buy new printers. But just like any device, Epson printers, too, can be a glitch at times. 

At times one may find that their Epson printer is not printing well or is leaving blank pages. This problem can result from several issues like lack of ink, clogged nozzle, outdated driver, etc. read ahead to know what things one can do to fix the Epson printer printing blank pages issue. 

Steps to fix Epson printing blank pages

Here are the steps that one needs to follow to solve the problem:-

Skip the blank page 

The first thing that one should do is skip the blank page from the printer’s software. For this, one needs to reach the device’s settings, then to the connected printer and then choose the ‘skip blank page’ option. Here are steps to follow in the case of different operating systems.

For windows 10 Laptop

– Click on the ‘windows’ button.

– Open ‘settings and choose ‘devices’.

– Now open ‘printers and scanners’, choose the connected printer, and click on ‘manage’.

– Choose ‘printing preferences’ and click on ‘maintenance’ and then on ‘extended settings’. 

– Click on the ‘skip blank page’ option and then finally click on OK.

For Mac Computer

– Click on ‘apple menu’.

– Choose ‘system preferences’ and then the ‘print and fax’ option.

– Choose the connected printer device and choose ‘options and supplies’.

– Now got to ‘drivers and options’.

– Choose ON for the skip blank page option and then click on OK.

Check Printer Ink cartridges

check epson ink level

The next one should check the cartridges of the ink in the printer if Epson wf-3640 printing blank pages. Without ink and proper evacuation of ink from the cartridges will lead to blank pages. 

Here are the steps that one should take to make sure that the ink cartridges are working fine.

– Low ink levels: Check the level of ink in the Epson printer. If the ink levels are low, then re-fill the ink and restart the printer.

– One of the cartridges is empty: There are several cartridges of ink in the printer. If any one of the cartridges is empty, it can lead to a blank page. Insert a new one to solve the issue.

– No delivery of ink: At times, one may forget to remove the plastic layer present on the ink cartridges while inserting them. This lead to the non-delivery of ink. Make sure to remove the proactive covering.

Check For Blocked nozzles

epson blocked nozzles

If the printer’s nozzles are blocked, the ink will not reach the paper properly, causing blank pages. Here are the steps to resolve the Epson XP-420 printing blank pages issue.

– Click on the ‘home’ option on the printer itself.

– Now choose ‘setup’ on it.

– Now select the ‘maintenance’ option from the menu and choose ‘check printhead nozzle’.

– After this, the printer will print a page.

– Check the page and see if there is an error in printing or gaps between the letters and words.

– If there are gaps, then that means the nozzles ate blocked. 

– Choose the ‘clean printhead nozzle’ option or call customer support for fixing the issue.

Firmware of the printer

In many cases, the Epson printer may not be running on the latest firmware software. Not having the latest update on the firmware can lead to blank pages during printing. Therefore, to resolve this issue, one should update their firmware.

– Go to the Start menu of Epson’s utility application. 

– Click on the printer software update option.

– This will update the software.

One should have the Epson printer’s utility application downloaded and installed on their computer. Then, it can be downloaded from the official website of the Epson printer. 

Check Printer driver

Having a wrong printer driver or an outdated one can cause trouble in the functioning of the printer. Most of the times, blank pages are printed due to outdated drivers.

Here are the steps to update the driver manually. 

Manual driver updating

– First, go to the Epson support page.

– Now, find the printer model that one is using.

– Click on the windows version or Mac version.

– Download the driver corresponding to the windows or Mac version.

– After the driver is downloaded, click on the file to install the driver.

Troubleshoot Your Printer Drivers

Lastly, if none of the steps helps solve the issue, one can run an automatic troubleshooting process to see if it can solve the blank page problem. 

– Go to the settings of the computer or device.

– Choose ‘update and security and click on troubleshoot.

– Now, choose printer and click OK.

– Check if the problem is solved after the troubleshooting process is complete. 

It is common for people to try and solve the issue of one’s printer at home. The steps mentioned above are 80 per cent effective in solving the blank page issue, and one might see Epson XP 410 won’t print black afterwards. If the problem is still unsolved after trying all the steps, one can get assistance for further guidance.