Why is My Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

There are various reasons responsible for the problem of printing blank pages.

Maybe the default hardware or driver of the Canon printer’s low level of ink or any fundamental reason creates the problem of Canon printer printing blank pages. Some software that is corrupted is one of the reasons for printing blank pages and sometimes blockage of vacuum in the printer becomes the reason for printing blank pages. Even if the cartridge is not installed accurately, it becomes the reason for creating this kind of problem. So now it is time to follow the steps to mitigate the problem of printing blank pages.

Canon printer printing blank pages

How to fix canon printer printing blank pages:

 It is a common problem that printing devices print blank pages. To mitigate the problem, some important steps are needed to follow:

At first, it is important to understand how the printer settings clean intensely. Let’s discuss these thoroughly below here.

  • Initially, the control panel is needed to open from the windows desktop screen and after that open the “Devices and printers” link.
  • Then select the “properties” by right-clicking on the model name of the printer.
  • After that, device settings need to be checked from the printer properties and tap on “preferences”
  • Now it turns to select “print head option” which is under the “preference “option. After that, press on “services and clean print head “alternatives.
  • Maybe users need to take the help of an earlier alternative in the aforesaid point many times until the print head is cleaned perfectly.
  • Then it is time to choose the “deep cleaning “and “Nozzle check” options from the “maintenance “tab.
  • At the end, the user needs to test whether the printing machine is working or not.

There are some simple steps needed to follow for updating the printer driver. Let’s discuss it briefly.

  • Let’s start by clicking the windows Home key +s key for opening the search box. Then press the “device manager”
  • When the device manager is opened, go to the “print queue option” and enlarge it.
  • After that, users need to press the right click on the device. Choose the “update driver” alternative and after that, the update is available or not is the area of checking.
  • Now it turns to choose the “update “alternative and install it
  • After installation is done, the user needs to restart the device and check the printer by taking the test.

Despite following all the instructions properly, if the printer is still printing blank pages, reinstallation is needed by following the steps properly.

  • Just access the control panel and then open “programs and features” and look for the driver of the printer.
  • Then press the right click on the software of the driver and press the uninstall button.
  • Then again start your operating system and again download the printer driver from the official website of the canon.

Why canon printer printing blank pages:

There are many reasons behind the problem of printing blank pages. These are:

  • Bring the house or office the new cartridge because sometimes the old cartridge becomes dry and due to low ink present in the printer causes the printing blank pages.
  • Many times, the user tries to print the blank pages for their forgetfulness. For this reason, the user needs to research again and print the appropriate document.
  • Sometimes when the printer is used for many days, it is important to clean the parts which are blocked by following these ways:
  1. First, turn off the printer and set aside the unclog print heads. 2. After that, separate the cartridge from the printing device 3.then a soft cloth is required for cleaning the printing machine.4. Use the new cartridge and operate the printer.

By following these steps, it can be expected the problem of printing blank pages can be solved.

The point to be remembered for solving the issue:

  1. Maintain the flow

User needs to use the printer regularly so that the flow of ink is always maintained and it does not get blocked.

2. Quality materials

Users should use the standard quality generic cartridges and he has to look after the matter so that nozzles do not get blocked. It is suggested not to use third-party ink cartridges. Generally, the printer has two or more cartridges available. If the printer gives the alert of the low cartridge. Then instead of wasting time, one should bring the new one. Otherwise, it allows the air to create obstacles to the nozzle of the print. As a result, the printing device prints blank pages. Even if it does not stop the performance of the printer, some nozzles can become the reason for getting prints via printing.

3. Storage

The printer should be kept in dry and cold places so that the ink cannot be concealed.

4. Use professional help

Sometimes even the outdated printer driver becomes the reason for printing blank pages. In this situation, the print does not work well. A professional team is needed to mitigate this kind of problem with efficiency.

5. Keep safe

Users should always keep the printing device away from the windows operating system to avoid any problems.

6. Use branded and quality products

Make sure that users always use canon inks so that it does not bear the risk of not functioning properly. The reason behind this is that the printer needs to run at the appropriate speed and needs to be formulated so as not to get dry fast. As a consequence, the ink can flow the proper way via the printhead.

7. Standard quality ink 

The standard quality ink helps get the standard quality printout. The proper viscosity will not impede the print nozzles.

8. Avoid blockages

The breather tape needs to be removed quickly as it creates an obstacle to the ink from impeding from the vacuum in the cartridge, which ultimately blocks the print from being printed on paper.

Apart from that if someone faces the problem of printing blank pages, it is highly suggested that he should take the help of a professional team from Canon’s official site.