Why Is My Brother Printer Not Printing?

You have a Brother printer. Every time you try to print something, you face issues. Don’t worry as this article will troubleshoot all your printing problems away. 

When you set up your Brother printer you may face several technical difficulties at your end. They are not major issues and can be easily resolved. Usually, they are just technical errors and not related to a problem in the product as such.

Let us see what some of the common problems could be with regards to your Brother printer not printing and their solutions. 

Brother Printer Connected to Wi-Fi But Not Printing

There are a couple of reasons why your Brother printer may not work. Here is a list to check whether all the connections are properly made between the computer and the printer. 

  1. Check whether your printer is set to the default printer in your computer settings: This step is important as it denotes the current printer which is in use. If you have multiple printers, you cannot use them all at once. 
  2. Your printer may not be connected to the computer: Sometimes, the wire connections are loose, or even, not connected to the PC at all by accident. Check the connections carefully. 
  3. If your printer is wireless, you need to see whether the printer and the PC are connected to the exact same point of access. The connection to the router should also be the same.
  4. The ethernet cable may be loosely or inappropriately connected. The cable is for wireless connections for your wireless printer. 
  5. If all the above are not the reasons why it is not working, you need to check if your printer has accidentally been paused or gone into an offline status.

Brother Printer In ‘Ready’ Status but Not Printing

The ready status denotes that the printer is available for printing and is waiting for the print command to be given. However, even when the printer is available for printing it may not print. There may be a couple of reasons for this. Check whether the following can apply to your issue. You’ll be able to get your printer printing in no time. 

  1. The ready status may have been turned off accidentally. Put the printer to the ready status again.
  2. If you have several printing requests in order, the printer may stop working. You can either cancel the request and set them one by one. Too many requests will overload the printer’s processor.
  3. Check if your printer is in the online mode. You have to put it out of the offline mode for it to work. The default setting in your PC may be to use the printer in offline mode. To undo this setting, go to your printer settings and unselect the offline option. 

Brother Printer Not Printing on MAC

The Brother printer is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows devices. However, the methods of operation are slightly different for both, as they are both differently designed operating systems. 

Mac has a different operating system than its counterpart android devices. To work a Macintosh device for your printer you may have to face certain specific issues. These are some of the problems you may encounter while setting up your printer:

  • The most common error that you can encounter is that of an issue with the driver.
  • Usually in mac, the driver is not correctly set. Another issue could be that you have an outdated version of the driver. In such a case, the printer will not work. You need to install the most recent version of the driver. An important issue would be if you have accidentally chosen the wrong driver. 

  • To set the driver correctly follow the following steps:


  • Download the newest version of the driver from the official Brother printer website. You just have to click on the download button and the download will start automatically. After the download is complete you can see the file in your ‘downloads’ folder of your laptop or PC. 


  • The next step would be to finish the installation of the driver. There would be onscreen instructions. You just have to follow each pop-up box instruction step by step to complete the installation process. 

Select Default Printer

  • Open the Apple system menu. The next step would be to open up the system preferences. Click on the ‘printers’ option. Select the Brother printer as the default printer, or you can just add it to the printer list. If you have multiple printers set up in the list, you will have to select the default option for your Brother printer to work. 

Finish Setup

  • Your printer is now ready to start printing!

This guide covers most of the problems you may face while setting up your printer. If your issues are still not solved, call the Brother printer helpline to get one-to-one support. If your Brother printer has trouble printing or your brother printer is connected to wi-fi but not printing, we’ve got you covered. So, get, set and print all your pages away!