Why is Brother Printer Offline

Technical things can get problems anytime and it needs time to fix but there are some very basic problems which create problems for us. There are several factors in the printer as well which needs to be fulfilled.

Talking about the printer issues then most of the time there are small problems like connectivity issues. In order to let the printer work, the printer should have good connectivity and it should be working. There are two types of printers, one is wired and the second is wireless, wired is connected through USB whereas the wireless is connected through connectivity.

In order to use the printer the very first thing is that you have to connect it to your computer. However, connecting the printer to the computer is not something difficult one can do in simple steps. Printers generally have two forms which are wired and wireless printers, wireless printers are modern printers and have been developed in the last few years.

Sometimes my brother’s printer shows the status known as offline, and you get panicked asking why is my brother printer offline.

How to fix brother printer offline

Connectivity issues

It means something, it may show that there are connectivity issues. When the printer is offline it means that the printer is not connected to the devices, whereas the printer which is online means that they are properly connected with the devices and ready to function properly.

The connection is necessary because it helps to gather information from the different devices and then the devices will be ready to print the information you need. Sometimes, everything goes well and the printer also shows online but suddenly Brother printer goes offline, there can be plenty of reasons for this. For this, it is important that your printer is switched on and connected to the devices. There can be a few more reasons why your brother’s printer can be offline.

The printer may be turned off

The main and the very common reason for showing the printer status turned off can be because the main switch is turned off. It is important that after all the connectivity and even after connecting the USB, you have to turn on the switch.

This is a very basic thing normally but sometimes people forget to do the same. Your computer will not recognize any connection unless and until it is switched on. The main socket of the printer should be connected to the plug and switched on.

How to fix brother printer offline

Printer error

The second reason that your brother printer may show offline can be because of the printer error. The printer error can be of two types one is about toner empty and the second one can be a paper jam. These two are common problems that can take place because of the error, whatever the error is it will show to you on your printer screen.

In the case when your socket is connected and the switch is also on, printer error can be the other common problem that can take place in your printer. It is the common case when these errors occur in your printer that you should resolve this problem as soon as possible. This error can take place in the brother’s printer anytime even if your printer is new. What happens when the printer turns online and you can see these measures.

Brother printer offline how to turn online

There can be various reasons why brothers can’t turn offline. Here are a few reasons along with the procedure to turn online.

Printer not set as the default

When you connect a new printer then there are several changes that need to be done in the printer and set as default. This is the automatic set that needs to be set with your computer itself. If not set then after every time you use and close then even after switching it on. The status of your printer will show offline.

For every gadget, or even mobile phone also there are various options for which you have to set the options to default. In order to allow it to Work by default. So, next time whenever you see such a type of option make sure to check the options again because it is a very common option that can take place.

How to fix brother printer offline

The reason behind your printer going offline always can be any. It can be either your printer is not connected properly. Also, the printer is not connected to the Wifi then it can go in offline mode. The damage in the cables can also be the reason behind your printer always going offline mode. Also, the incorrect IP address can be the reason behind your printer working in offline mode. If the printer driver is not updated or old then also your printer can go to the offline mode more frequently.

And if the problem continues further, then take the help of the customer support. They would help you out with the solution to bring your printer back online.

This mentioned option for the offline mode of the printer is very common. It can show at your printer due to various reasons. By using the above-mentioned process one can easily resolve this problem. Windows also play a significant role in the printer. For every window there can be separate reasons the most common among these is the brother printer offline windows 10.

Fix Brother printer offline problem on Mac

As you know, there are a few different rules for fixing printers with Macs. If you are using a Mac with a printer and still it is showing some offline. The reasons can be the same as the other computer has but there are few iOS processes.

To correct this issue, check the network and cable connections, whether they are properly connected or not. Also, once restart your printer and check whether it gains back the connections. If the problem is with the connectivity, enable and disable it to gain the connection again. If it does not work again then you can use several methods to bring your printer back online.


While using a printer there can be various problems that take place. However, the main and very common problem which can take place is about the status of the printer. Many times even after switching it on the status may show offline there can be various reasons about it. Sometimes it becomes very hard to track what is the main problem and how to resolve it. In this article, I have mentioned the list of problems about why it can show offline. And how you can resolve it. I hope you liked this article.


How to connect brother printer to Mac

Add printer from system preferences then install driver to make it work with your mac

How to connect brother printer to wifi

Use wireless settings on brother printer to make a wireless connection with your laptop

How to install Brother printer without disc

Install your brother printer driver from brother official website then use wired or wireless connection