HP Printer Offline- How To Get Printer Back Online

The printer is the part of the computer used for printing the necessary documents from the computer screen to the paper. The printer consists of ink which can be refilled if needed. There are a lot of companies who manufacture computer parts, famous companies like HP, Dell and Lenovo also manufacture printers. And these days in the HP printer people are reporting offline mode issues. The printer itself goes offline mode sometimes. There are ways to correct the error in no time. 

The invention of the printers has made the business person’s life easier and HP has a great role in this field. The HP printers allow you to print without any hurdle from anywhere without being concerned about the network. You do not need to transfer the media to any device for taking out the print of the documents. Because now transferring the media has become an issue, many times the file becomes unsupported in the other device and thus creates a problem for the user.

So the wireless and direct online printing is supported by the HP printers to make the work fast and easier. 

The most commonly reported problem of the HP printer is offline error which usually occurs without any reasonable purpose. Therefore there you will get to know about how to solve this issue of offline error by following a few steps. So when your printer goes offline you should do these few things to get it resolved. 

Why Is My HP Printer Showing Offline?

There are a lot of reason that may be responsible for your HP printer keeps going offline mode, some of them are given here,

● Problem with the network connectivity

● Power and cable issues

● No proper setting of the window operator

● An Issue with the printer hardware within

● The old and faulty drivers

To resolve this issue, you need all the cable connections, whether they are properly connected or not. You may also check by restarting the printer once. If the problem is with the connectivity, enable and disable it to gain the connection again. If it does not work again then you can use other given methods to bring your printer back online. 

At first, make sure that your printer is not on offline mode

Sometimes the printer gets into the use printer offline mode, it usually happens in the case of wireless printers. Therefore, at first, you should make sure your printer is not in offline mode. To correct the setting you should follow these steps :

● Go to the start menu and then click on the setting option.

● Then select the printers and scanners option.

● Now from the list of the printers, select the HP printer that you have connected. 

● And now, deselect the option of Use printer at offline mode, so that your printer is back to the online mode. 

● Also click on the option, to update driver software.

● After that, you can select either manual or automatic, and it can be done according to the availability of the driver in the system.

● And now enable the driver to install it by allowing it. 

By following these given steps you can bring your HP printer back online and then continue your work further. These steps will help you to resolve your issue of the printer going in offline mode. This is the most common issue with wireless printers, and everyone who owns one should know these basic steps to bring their printers back to online mode. 

Do check the wire connection when your HP printer goes offline

Your HP printer can show offline mode due to the improper connection. You can solve the issue using these steps: 

● Check the USB cable, that is it connected to the computer and the printer properly. Also, if you are using the wireless printer then make sure it is properly connected to the router. And the connectivity should be proper. 

● Also, check the power cable does not have any cuts or damage and is properly connected between the printer and the power socket. 

Why is my HP printer showing offline? 

Check for the network connection error

There is a situation when your HP printer keeps on going offline. 

● One of the most common reasons for the printer showing offline is the Wifi connectivity.

● Also, there can be one more reason that your HP printer can show offline is the IP address is not configured appropriately on the desktop or the laptop. 

Hence the notification pops up showing the error that the printer is offline. To confirm the configuration of the IP address properly, you should follow these given steps :

● Go to the HP configuration screen.

● From the setting click on the networking tab.

● From the drop down menu, select the IP address option.

● And then choose the manual setting option, and then enter the exact IP address correctly. 

These given steps will help you to eliminate the errors arising due to the incorrect IP address.  

Check the printer driver is updated or not

Sometimes it happens that the printer driver is old and corrupted. You should check and update the corrupted old printer driver. From the device manager, go to the printers and then update the driver, to stay always connected.


In this article, you will find the steps to avoid the HP printer from always going offline. For this, you should make sure that the printer driver is correctly installed and updated. If you keep updating and checking the system setting of the printer driver, it helps to eliminate the errors that arise while using the printers. 

When you face an offline mode issue in your printer you can resolve using the steps mentioned in the article above. You can check the network setting and connectivity of the printer. And then correct the settings and gain back the connection.