How to Setup Canon Printer

There are various ways for a canon printer to be set up in an electronic device. Now it is time to explain how one can do canon printer setup successfully. Let’s discuss it below.

The Canon Pixma MG3620 setup is important for mobile printing, AirPrint purposes. It is a very ordinary printer. The users can get a nice photo from it. The quality of the colour is amazing. If someone wants to get borderless printing, he can get it from here. If someone wants to get a printout of fat textbooks or wants to scan the photo which is kind of fragile. He can use the Canon MG3620 setup printer to get the best result.

This printer helps the users to cut their budget also as its cartridge price is low.  But it does not provide the facility of connectivity option. If someone wants to take the printout from this device quickly, it can disappoint him. Because the speed of printing is very much slow. But if someone wants to get decent photos at an affordable price, it can be said that he can use this device confidently. But before using it, one needs to set it up in a perfect manner.

Canon MG3620 setup

How to set up a canon Pixma MG3620 wireless printer:

Nowadays, office employees find it beneficial to use the canon Pixma mg 3620 wireless printer setup.  This device system does not require installing cable surrounding places. It is easy for office employees or household people to share this printer just to use the Wi-Fi network and configure it without wire. So to avail the advantage one should understand the installation process thoroughly.

  • Before setting up a wireless printer, a user should save his previous all important works and close other programs.
  • If the printer works for printing, cleaning, or any other task at that moment you need to wait until the job is finished. If the user finds that the wifi light on the printer is flashing, he needs to click the Stop button (B).
  • After that he needs to press and hold the wifi button (A) till the ON light B sparks.
  • Then you need to press the colour button (c) and wifi button after that. Users have to ascertain that the wifi light is flashing and the ON light sparks.
  • For continuing wireless configuration, people need to install the drivers and the software is accompanied on the device. Users need to follow the instructions for installing the drivers and software.
  • Then the user needs to place the software CD into the CD drive. Then one will show that the setup program starts to perform automatically. If it does not perform on its own, browse the folder of CD-ROM and operate exe. In another way, one can get the software Canon MG3620 from the canon website.
  • If you see that the firewall or antivirus comes on the screen or any dialogue boxes appear by Windows user account control, you need to permit the installation program.
  • After that, press the Start setup button on the screen
  • Users need to follow the instructions which appear on-screen and choose the country name of the user, license agreement. After that, you will come to select the connection method option, select wireless LAN connection, and click the next option.
  • Choose the radio button where the wireless router is connected which comes on the next screen and then go to the next.
  • After ensuring that the software is installed perfectly, now it turns to verify the serial number by looking at the sticker which is the back part of the printer.
  • Software installation list option comes on the screen. Choose the software user wants for installation and then click Next.
  • After finishing the software installation, the screen will automatically appear. Click EXIT for finishing the setup.

How to setup CANON Pixma MG 3620 Printer wireless setup on windows:

The guidance is available on the topic of the setup of the CANON Pixma MG 3620 printer here.

  • Initially, the user has to be sure that this printer becomes functional.
  • Then press the wifi button which is available on the control panel of the printer and hold it until the lamp sparks.
  • Then touch the colour button and the wifi button till the light flashes for the wireless printer setup.
  • When the wireless feature starts functioning, the power lamp will be flashed.
  • Then by clicking the driver download button, one can download the drivers from this site.
  • After the download is complete, exe. Start to run.
  • By double-clicking on the printer driver setup file, touch the yes in the user account control screen. Then select the start setup option in the initial screen.
  • Choose the country on the next screen and accept the license agreement after going through it.
  • Now it is time to choose the connection type and then click the next option. Then the user needs to highlight the checkbox which is near the router option.
  • Select your preferred network from the displayed available networks. After that, you need to enter the security key in the desired field and click connect option.
  • Then go to the next option for setting up the complete screen. After the installation software, users need to choose the additional software. After that choose the click the exit button to finish the configuration process.

How to setup wireless canon Pixma MG3620 Printer on Mac:

  • You need to send the router information to the printer from mobile and then you require a Canon print Inkjet setup.
  • You need to make sure that there is a WPS button available on the router.
  • After that, you need to be sure that WPA or WPA2 security protocol is in use for the network.
  • after ensuring about the turning on the printer, click the wifi button till the alarm lamp sparks
  • The light should blink in blue colour. If this does, it is time to go to the router and click the WPS button. You need to press the button for two minutes. The connection will be lost.
  • After that, the printer looks for a network. The power lamp and wifi will spark when the wireless router is connected to it.
  • Have patience until the connection is set up. After the successful setup, the light stops blinking and it becomes ready for service.