How to Setup a CANON MX 490 to Wifi

This device is perfectly alright for residential purposes. People can use this printer for copying receipts, FAX of cancelled checks. Online printing can be done from this printer. Students can use it for printing textbooks. If the speed of this printer could have been better, it can be said that this can be considered as one of the best printers. But if someone wants to get a printer at an affordable price, he can purchase it as its quality of printing is very good. The users do not face any difficulty because it is quite easy to use.

Overall it can be said that the canon MX 490 wireless device is considered a printer or scanner or copier or fax machine. This printer has an amazing option of connectivity. It can print from several computers at the same time. The feature of this printer is convenient for holding up to twenty sheets at the same time. For this reason, it saves time also. With the help of Google cloud print and Air print, one can print easily wirelessly from the Smartphone or any other device anywhere surrounding the office. For these numerous benefits, it is really helpful to set up CANON MX490 to wifi.

How to set up a Canon MX 490 to Wifi

Before commencing the wireless connection setup program, there are certain steps here for following to set up CANON MX 490 to wifi.

  • At first, the user needs to make sure about turning on the printer. If the power works, the power lamp (A) will be flashed.
  • Then click the Setup button (B) on the printer.
  • After that use the ◀ or ▶ button (C) for choosing wireless LAN setup.
  • Then click the OK button.

The printer will look for compatible wireless routers. Then choose the method which suits the displayed screen on the printer. In case, if the push button method screen is shown on the screen and the user is notsure that the wireless router supports the technology or not, click the Stop button.

You need a trustworthy internet connection for starting With the CANON MX490 installation. Always make sure about the network which is necessary for the printer setup process. Now it is time to follow the instructions to set up the printer:

  • The user needs to download the Canon printer driver from the company’s website.
  • Then open the .exe file which is downloaded and press the “Next”
  • Then choose the “wireless LAN connection” option and click next
  • After that choose the “connect via a wireless router” and go to the next option
  • Then select “cableless setup” and tap next
  • After that to proceed, the user needs to follow the guidance which is appeared on-screen
  • Then click on “complete “after the printer setup is finished and exit from the process of installation.
  • Now the printer has set up perfect manners.

How to setup Canon Pixma MX490 Wireless printer on Mac

Canon MX 490 can be used for multipurpose. For this reason, one can easily print from it most simply. It gives the facility of all the photos of the user using a calendar view in an organized manner. It can be used both for residential and official purposes. This is convenient for the user to print from a tablet or smartphone wirelessly. The significant part of this printer is that it has pre-installed My image Garden software, which takes all the essential printing features like special features and full HD movie print. Once the user can set it up, he can connect the Canon Pixma MX490 printer on Mac, it can fulfil all your requirements most efficiently. There are many steps needed to follow for configuration perfectly:

  • Run the .exe file which is already downloaded on the MAC for starting with the printer setup
  • Tap the “setup” on the initial screen and after that go to the “next “option
  • Now it is time to put the administration name and password and click on “install helper”
  • Now it is time to follow the guidance which appeared on-screen for continuing with the process of setup and then choose the cableless setup.
  • Then press on “Add a printer”
  • After that choose the printer device and click on the “Add” option
  • Then press the “Exit” for finishing the CANON MX 490 setup and configuration on MAC.

How to setup Canon MX490 wireless setup for windows

The setup process without wire of the printer for the windows system permits the user to meet all the necessities. Some easy and simple steps are needed to follow”

canon mx490 setup
  • By going to the company’s official site, the user needs to download and install the printer set up file which means exe.
  • Then tap the “Next” on the initial screen and choose the “wireless LAN connection”
  • After that choose the “connect via a wireless router “option and go to the “next” option.
  • Then click on “cableless setup” and choose the “yes “option.
  • When the printer’s wireless setup finishes, click on the “complete” option.
  • After that users need to strictly abide by the instructions which appear on-screen and take a print just to check whether the setup is done perfectly or not.
  • In case, if the printer does not run, the user has to make sure that the printer is connected with the computer perfectly. Then it is important to check whether both devices like computer and printer are connected via a similar wireless network. If the user uses the relay hub to fulfill the printing requirements, the computer is needed directly to connect the printer. Printer user finds that the problem is overcome, the problem lies on the relay device. If the problem continues till then, the user needs to reinstall the printer driver to solve the problem of CANON MX 490 printing.
  • Even if the printer does not work, then the user needs to switch off the printer, and then separate the power cable from the printer and power socket. After that, the cable is connected again after two minutes and turns on the printer.