The invention of the computer was very beneficial to people and especially to a business person. It has made work easier and quicker. Also, in the offices or any commercial place, you will also find printers. Because printers are very useful in the field of work.

And thus the invention of the printers has become very helpful for people related to the business field. HP has given a lot to this field. The HP printers allow you to print without any hurdle from anywhere without being concerned about the network. You do not need to transfer the media to any device for taking out the print of the documents. It allows wireless printing, without any concern about the servers.

In this article, below it is discussed about the HP printer Error 59.F0. If you also face an HP printer error named 59.F0. Here is the reason why the HP Printer error 59.F0 occurs. And what is the type of error?

Many times your printer goes to the error state, sometimes to restart the printer is the solution. It won’t be helpful all the time. When the error is within the internal motherboard then restarting the printer won’t help you out. Then you will have to check the other internal problem too.

hp printer error 59.F0

What is HP Printer Error 59.F0?

The reason behind this error is the issue with the internal motor of the printer. And the main reason behind the error is the failure in the transfer separation. When the ITB is stuck and then cannot move, that situation is called the transfer alienation failure. There can be one more reason behind the error 59.F0, which is a problem with the SR9 sensor. The SR9 sensor plays an important role in the transfer roller disengagement sensor.

Steps to Fix HP Printer Error 59.F0

Try to resolve the problem on your own or you would face further issues. But if the issue won’t get corrected on your own, or you fail in finding out the issue then you can get the help of customer support and get the error of your printer quickly resolved. Here are some of the methods that will help you to fix the HP printer error 59.F0.

Method 1: Reset the printer

  • You can reset the printer settings, turn on your HP printer.
  • And then you should remove all the power cables that are connected to the computer, you should also cut the main power supply of the printer.
  • After 30 seconds, carefully connect the wires and plugs into the printer and also the main plug to the power supply source.
  • Then your printer will restart itself because while unplugging all the cables the printer was left on.
  • By removing the surge protector.

If still, the problem continues then you can try the other given steps. Because restarting the device would help but not all the time. Sometimes the issue can be something else. So that you can try the other given steps too.

Method 2: Reset the ITB

  • You should reset the ITB.
  • Now you should inspect the internal connections of the ITB, that is the connection between the ITB and the transfer roller disengagement sensor.

Method 3: Test the ITB

  • If the error is not resolved and continues further then you should take out the ITB and then check the ITB gear and the flag.
  • While rotating the gear, when you turn the white gear check if there are any fluctuations.
  • If the flag is destroyed then you get the ITB replaced.
  • But while checking, if the ITB gear and the flag both are working properly then check the sensor SR9. And to check the Sensor SR9, you will have to follow manual checking steps.
  • First, remove the ITB gear, and then navigate the sensor S9 which is positioned inside the ITB cavity and then examine the control panel properly.
  • Then click on the home button and then click the down arrow to bring out the diagnostic menu.
  • Then click on the okay button, and then choose manual sensor test and press OK.
  • The test inside the ITB cavity and then release the SR9 flag and test the screen for the response of the sensor while you click on the flag. During this, the sensor should toggle between 0 and 1. If there is a response and toggle seen then the sensor should be replaced.

Method 4: Take HP Technical help

If all the given methods cannot resolve the HP printer error 59.F0, then you should contact the HP customer care service. HP provides you with professionals who would help you to solve the problem by doing everything which is important and will do it as quickly as possible. They are always ready to help you out any time and give a solution for your queries regarding the printer.  You can either contact them through a phone call or through email. You can share the images and videos of the problem you are facing and then they will help out to solve it.


In this article, you will get to read about the HP printer error 59.F0. It is the type of error that is caused due to a problem in the internal motor of the printer. Also, if the sensor SR9 is not working properly then it would show the error 59.F0. There are few methods of how to find and correct the error. They have been discussed here above.

To correct the error you should use the above methods and still the problem continues then you should take the help of HP customer care. They provide an instant solution to printer related issues. You can contact them through email or call and also share the images as the videos of the error. So that they would better understand the issue and help you to get it resolved quickly.