How to Fix HP Missing or Failed Printhead Error on HP 8610 and 8620?

Do you ever try to install printhead of HP 8610 and 8620? If yes, then you may face several issues while installing it.  The most common issue you face is the error message showing ‘Missing or Failed Printhead’.  Before knowing the solution to the problem, first, let us know what Printhead is and what are the common causes of ‘Missing or Failed Printhead Error on HP 8610 and 8620’. We also provide the solution to resolve it through various methods 

What is a Printhead?

The printhead is hardware that is attached to the printer that helps in printing ink onto the page. They are a very important component. They have an electrical circuit and a novel. Moreover, they have first-hand access to the source of ink. In hp printers 8610 and 8620, the printhead is placed within the cartilage.

Some common causes for Missing or Failed Printhead Error on HP 8610 and 8620 with their solution to resolve it

Here is the list of all the possible root causes of error and the solution to resolve it individually. These causes are sometimes easily detected but sometimes you may need technical help from the experts.

  • Print failure: this type of error is very common. This type of error might have happened due to failed printer. This problem can easily be resolved by just reseating the cartilage or printhead.

HP Missing or Failed Printhead Error on HP 8610

Ways to Fix HP Missing or Failed Printhead

Part 1: Unseat the printhead

  • Let the carriage be idle and then take your fingers inside the door and open the carriage to the left side.
  • Always remember to remove the power cable from the backside of the printer, as it is necessary to unplug the printer so that it will not move or remove idle while removing the printhead.
  • It will also help to avoid any electric shock during the process
  • Then lift the latch of the carriage upside
  • Finally, carefully hold the side of the printhead and slowly lift it without removing it from its carriage.

Part 2: Restore the printhead and low-down the Carriage Latch

  • It will automatically fix into its place when the printhead is placed in the carriage.
  • Just check if the printhead is properly placed in the carriage by moving it left and right.
  • Now Low down the carriage latch and see if it is properly lowered.
  • Finally, shut the access door of ink cartilage
  • Now connect the power cord of the printer from the backside or press the power button if it does not turn on it.
  • Please note that, do not proceed if the printer is silent and idle.
  • If the error of missing or failed printhead on HP 8610 and 8620 still prompts at your screen then move to the next steps of troubleshooting

Part 3: If the error message still showed on the computer screen repeat the above-mentioned steps three times. You might get the following message in the control panel of your printer.

  • Carriage jam
  • Ink System Failure
  • Missing or failed printhead
  • Problem with Ink System
  • Printer Failure

If the machine still shows the message “missing or failed printhead for HP 8610 and 8620 error”  then lookout for the next solution.

  • Printer Failure: this type of error mainly comes when the printer is failed or stops working. This error is also very easy to fix. Just reset hp 8610 carriage or printhead will help you to get rid of this problem. However, if the error persists then there is a problem with Printer.

This problem can easily be resolved by just resetting the printer. Follow the given steps to reset the printer mechanism.

  • Firstly switch on the printer
  • If the printer is silent or idle, do not take any action. Wait for some time.
  • When the printer is powered on, disconnect the power cord from the backside.
  • Take out the cord from the backside and wait for 60seconds
  • Lastly, plug it on again with the printer into the source outlet.
  • HP always advised connecting the power cord of the printer directly to the source outlet.

What is a missing or failed printhead on HP OfficeJet 8620?

  • Missing Printhead: the printhead might be missing or damaged. Try to check if there is a scratch or dent on the printhead. It is always advised to handle or store the printhead very carefully as a minor scratch can damage the printhead.
  • Cartilage might be out of ink: this is very common to all users that they ignored this minor problem. If you are facing missing or failed printheads for HP 8610 and 8620, it could be due to the insufficiency of ink in cartilage. Although all printers can detect the level of ink in the cartilage sometimes, they failed to do so and it casually shows the “Officejet 8610 and 8620 missing or failed printhead” error.
  • Firmware may be outdated: sometimes outdated firmware shows Officejet 8610 and 8620 missing or failed printhead error. If the firmware on the computer is outdated, the printer may not process the task properly. You need to update your Firmware regularly to keep this type of error at a distance.

Fix for Missing or Failed Printhead on HP 8610 Printer

Clean the ink on the cartilage: Often this type of error arises due to the soiled ink cartridge. This issue can easily be resolved by just cleaning it with the cloth.

It is obvious that if the ink is soiled on the cartilage, the printer will not able to detect the cartilage and therefore it shows a missing or failed printhead.

Steps to clean the cartilage:

  • Carefully remove the cartilage from the printer. Dry it off from a dry cotton cloth. Rub and clean the copper contact on the cartilage and keep it on rest with distilled water and cloth.
  • Let the ink dry out. Once the ink dried up, again fix the cartilage in the printer.

If the problem persists contact the expert or technician of the product who is available 24*7 to help you out further.