Before discussing the topic, it is important to understand the definition of WPS PIN. The wireless network connects the printer with the personal computer by the WPS pin. To start using WPS, the user needs to tap and hold the wireless button until the WPS starts to lit, then tap the WPS button on the router until it sparks and after that user needs to have patience for establishing a connection with the device.WPS pin on canon printer is several eight or ten-digit that is created by the printer for connection without wire with routers.

It can work only with a wireless router. It is just like a secret code that is used only between your machines. The pin protects the user from an unwanted user from accessing it.  It can be said that the WPS pin gives security and protection from unwanted people to the users so that no one can harm one’s device.

How one connects the WPS pin code on a Canon printer:

  • Users need to hold the Stop button (A) on the printing device until the orange alarm lamp (B) sparks 15 times, and then leave the stop button after the spark.
  • Then put the WPS Pin code which is found on the page of printed network page into the setup screen on the printing device. Then follow the guidance on the device to continue with Canon wireless printer setup.
  • After that press, the stop buttons on the device until the orange lamp sparks 16 times and then leave the stop button after the spark.
  • But it is important to flash the blue wifi lamp (C) the printing

WPS connection methodology:

Before operating, few conditions need to be fulfilled to use the WPS push-button for the canon printer.

The physical WPS push button must be in the access point. If it is not available, the user needs to follow the guidance in the standard connection method section.

The network user uses wifi-protected access or WPA2 security protocol.

How to insert the WPS pin on Canon printer:

Few steps need to follow to locate the WPS pin on the printer. These are e discussed step by step below.

  • At first, click the setup button
  • After that, in the setup option, you can find the wifi setup which is the first option available there.
  • Then tap the right arrow button until the other setup appears on the screen.
  • Then click the right arrow button until the WPS pin code appears on the screen.
  • Automatically after the appearance of PINCODE on the screen, the printer is connected, and then click the ok button.

Where do I find the WPS PIN on my canon printer:

Canon printer is a branded company based in Japan. It can create a remarkable place over the world in the field of the printing device. You can easily find that from school-going students to Business Company or office the canon printer is used by everyone. This printer delivers a standard quality service to its user. The accuracy of delivering service is quite high. Canon printer WPS pin model enhances its service quality for any kind of job. Overall it can be said that the Canon printer is a user-friendly device.   It is advised not to disclose the password to others for sake of own safety and security purpose.

Certain steps need to follow to find out the WPS pin on the canon printer.

  • At first, the user should get the switch of remote design from the computer which is used by him. At that point, enter the WPS PIN of the company’s printer on the screen.
  • It is important to note down the menu catch on thelanding. page
  • Whenever the menu catch is showed, automatically the menu classification tab is opened. Here the user will find the login page for sign-in and an open dashboard will show up on the screen. Insert the displayed appropriate ID name and PIN Number.
  • After the signup, tap on the settings of wireless LAN
  • Then you need to have patience, go through the message and then comprehend it appropriately and then press the remote LAN configuration.
  • Now there are some class options available on the remote LAN configuration page and choose the “WPS pin “to continue further.
  • At this time, the system will create WPS PIN ID and Pincode. Then users need to insert the WPS PIN ID on the personal computer, the computer verifies the entered code. If the entered code and ID are appropriate, the WPS switch can perform.
  • After that, have a look that the sign of wifi is showing on the electronic device. It indicates that the connection is found.
  • At last, the connection of canon printer is found, wait patiently for some time and after that, the screen beneath the wifi sign is shown.

How to setup CANON printer on MAC:

How to connect the printer on MAC depends on what kind of printer is used by the customer. If there is a canon printer of a new model available, it supports AirPrint.In this case, one can print in no time. If not, a canon printer driver is needed on the MAC system. At first, the customer needs a wifi network before setting up on printer with MAC. There are few steps here;

  • At first, connect the USB cable with MAC and printing device. Then select the choices and then select the print and FAX. After that again, select the printing lab.
  • If the printer does not work, the customer needs to go to the download option. There are two options available on the printer web browser. One is the default web browser and another is IP printers. The user needs to select the first one and then choose the printer model from the list.
  • After the connection is showed on the computer with the printer by activating the include button. Now it is time to select the contribution to add the printer to the MAC.
  • In this way, the canon printing device will be connected to the Mac operating system.