Guide For How To Download Lexmark Printer Without Cd

Lexmark printers are always above in the competition due to the printing reliability it provides. Each of the printers of this company comes with a CD installation that incorporates a driver and software specified for that particular printer. Sometimes, the problem may occur that your computer is irreconcilable with the drive or the driver is no longer useful. Well, in that case, instead of calling different sources to get it fixed or getting stressed, you should better know how to fix it on your own without using any CD to keep the work going. Below is a 101 guide to help download the Lexmark printer driver and set it up without giving you any anxiety.

Steps to download Lexmark printer driver

One can get the Lexmark printer driver downloaded in the following steps:

  1. Start by turning on your device. The further steps depend on which browser you are using. If you’re going for Internet explorer, start by making a fresh new folder on your desktop to keep the downloaded software. Name it something like Lexmark printer for easy spotting. On the other hand, if you’re going for Mozilla Firefox or google chrome, the software will be saved automatically in the pre-established location like the download folder, so you need to keep an eye on that.
  2. Now visit the site of your manufacturer and enter your country and language. Enter the product name and select the “go” tab.
  3. An option for selecting the operating system will be shown further. Choose which operating system you have and click on the download tab.
  4. Discover the folder in which it is stored and double tap on the downloaded file to start installing. If the safety screen appears, click on the “run” tab to continue the process.
  5. Connect your printer to the computer using a USB cable to recognise the printer, which will help in further installation of the driver.
  6. Now from here on, follow the further steps.
    1. Click on “start.”
    1. Select “control panel.”
    1. Click on the “hardware and sound option.”
    1. Select the printer and device option
    1. Choose “Add a printer.”
    1. Once the name of the printer pops up, add it.
  7. In case the name is of the printer doesn’t pop up, follow the further steps.
    1. Click on “the printer I wasn’t isn’t listed.”
    1. Select “Add a local printer” and click “next.”
    1. Select “Use an existing port” and select “Next.”
  1. Tap on the “windows update” option, and it will start the update automatically. Your screen will show, “Windows is updating the list of printers. This might take a few minutes.”
  2. To install Lexmark printer, tap on the printer’s option and then click on the “printer driver” option. Select the “set as the default printer” option, then confirm the installation process by printing a page for just a check. If it is working well, tap on the “finish” to complete the driver’s installation, and you’re done.

How to setup lexmark wireless printer

Once the Lexmark printer driver is downloaded, it is needed to be setup properly, it can be done in the following easy steps:

  1. Make sure you have a well established and strong WiFi connection before you go into further steps.
  2. Ensure that both your printer and your device are connected with the same wireless connection and not a different one; otherwise, it won’t work.
  3. Make sure that your printer is connected to a socket so that it gets a continuous power supply.
  4. Turn on the printer and your device. For example, if you’re using a computer, turn it on, and the same goes for other devices.
  5. For further steps of the Lexmark printer setup, you’ll need a Lexmark printer driver. If you have a CD, use it and if you don’t have any CD or it is not working properly, don’t worry. You can easily download it from their official website by entering your model number and some basic details.
  6. The file will be download in your downloaded folder if you’re using google chrome or Mozilla Firefox. In case you’re using Internet Explorer, make a folder for easy recognition.
  7. Once it is downloaded, tap on install and when the connection type pops up, select “wireless connection.”
  8. Your screen will display the option of “wireless configuration”, select the guided setup.
  9. Now you may have to temporarily connect your computer and your printer to complete the setup, and you’ll be done.

Knowing the basic setup and installation of the printers is incredibly essential to avoid any further hassle. This saves your time as well as prevents any further anxiety that comes with it. Also, the process is extremely easy but just needs a little bit of guidance. The above steps will help you download the driver if your CD isn’t working and setting up your wireless printer, and preventing you from a stressful journey of inviting a technician for help or calling the customer service.