Now a day’s wireless printers are very much common. They are the first choice for home and office printing. They are exceptionally continent. They can communicate directly with the network without the need to set up the device using wires and capable. You can add the features of mobile and cloud printing. When people think of buying a new printer they always choose a wireless printer. They can be easily connected to the wireless network and you can take a print of you are document at any point without thinking for a second. Its flexibility can maximize especially in the working environment with multiple users. 

After you bought the printer many times, you are not able to connect it to Wi-Fi. You must go through the manual but cannot find any proper solution to the problem. You must be reading this article after so much research, so I will tell you to come to the exact page. Here is the stepwise description of how to connect Wi-Fi to your Epson Printer.

How to Connect Epson with MAC:

Before following, the steps make sure that you are Windows 10 or MAC is connected with proper wireless or Ethernet connection as mentioned on the Start Here sheet of the product. You can see your Start Here sheet in Epson support on the main page. From the drop-down menu, select the product type then Manual, and next Start Here. 

● Search through the internet and Download Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility. 

● Run the application to install it on your Laptop and click on Continue. 

● Click on the Next button to Agree to the End-User License Agreement.

● Click Finish after the installation process completes.

● Then a dialogue box will appear. From the drop-down menu select the model no. of your product. Please note that if the dialogue box doesn’t appear automatically, open a Finder window and select Application then click on Epson Software, and finally double click on Epson Connect Printer Setup. 

● Then select Printer Registration select Agree and click Next to proceed further.

● You will see an option of Register a printer to Epson Connect message. Click on the OK button.

● In the next windows, you will have to options 

● Create an Epson Connect Account

● I have already an account. 

If you are creating a new account fill out the necessary information in Create an Epson Connect Account form and click Finish. And if you want to register your device in an existing account, select I already have an account. Fill in the necessary detail to Add a new printer form, then select Add and Close. To activate the scan for print and cloud service click on Activate Scan to Cloud and Remote Print. 

As soon as the printer is connected with the Epson, you can look for the settings and set the Wi-Fi in the wireless network connectivity options on your Mac. Put your password when it prompts and your Epson printer will connect to with wireless network. 

Ways to Connect Epson Printer With WI-FI Network

Now many people using Microsoft Windows faced problems in connecting their printer to their network. To get the proper software for your Windows version go to the Epson Official site and find the drivers corresponding to your version and download it manually. Once downloaded, follow on-screen instructions to install the driver. And for automatic which is mostly recommended is easiest and quickest. It is further followed by just simple mouse clicks. 

For Microsoft Windows users you need to set up a network connection before it can be set up with Epson Connect. If you want to set the connection, look for the Start Here sheet for your device for instructions. To get the sheet, go to the Epson support Home page, select the device, Manuals, and Warranty, and then Start Here.

 There is also a solution for this. Just follow these simple steps to how to connect Epson printer to Wi-Fi on Windows 10:

● Open Cortana by pressing the Windows key and alphabet Q key together.

● In the search box type Printer and then press enter.

● The Control Panel will show all the devices and printers connected to your computer. 

● Select the Printer name shown in the list. If you cannot see your printer’s name on the computer screen then check whether your printer is turned on or not. If not then turn it on. 

● Then click Add a Printer or Scanner and proceed further.

● Choose the printer from the list shown on the screen.

● Now double click on the Printer you want to install and click on Set up 

● Then scroll the list and click on Wi-Fi Settings

● Choose the Wi-Fi Setup and then set up the Wi-Fi wizard.

● When you run the Wi-Fi wizard, all available networks will show. Select the available network of your and type the password 

● A prompt will appear and then click connect.

● At last wait for the network to connect to your device.  

At once when you connect Epson to laptop you will see the wireless signal strength on the right bottom of your screen.


Some common problem in Epson Wi-Fi Printer

There are some common problems which people mainly face to connect Epson to Wi-Fi Printer, they are:

● Problems in Drivers installation

● Problems in Printing

● Problems related to Setup

● Configuration errors

● Tune-up and optimization problems 

● Connectivity and network issue

 If you still encounter any of the above problems you can feel free to contact their respective customer care. If you face any problem with Mac you can contact Apple care. Or if you encounter a problem with windows you can contact Microsoft customer care. You can also find the problem with the Epson printer, then you can contact the help team of the printer. All the support team will available to their customer 24/7 at your service.