How to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi

Wireless technology has advanced so much in the modern-day that we want every electronic device to connect through Wi-Fi. There is a whole added benefit to having wireless devices at your home. This is so because you don’t need to wind up the wires and look behind for loose connections. It also mitigates the damaging of the cable due to rodents and pests. Moreover, you can place your devices in different rooms as well without dangling with the cables. Wi-Fi not only offers the mobility of the device but also makes it secure and convenient. For example, with Wi-Fi, you can directly print from your laptop while sitting in another room. But setting up the Brother Printer on a Wi-Fi network may be difficult for some who are not well-acquainted with the technology.

So, in this article, we will guide you on how to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi on both Windows and Mac operating systems. In addition to that, we have a little piece at the end for people who still want to connect Brother Printer to laptop.

How to connect Brother Wireless (Wi-Fi) printer to Windows computer?

Connecting the printer to a wireless network is simpler than you can imagine. All you need to have is a little knowledge of your computer and electrical connection to power on the Brother Printer. Then, once your device is switched on, search for the wireless network.

It becomes very easy once you know the SSID and password for your network. If you don’t know the credentials, you can ask your Internet service provider for the same and proceed with the following steps to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi.

  1. Go to the menu option on the printer and click on it.
  2. Use the down arrow to navigate to the network settings options. The screen will show ‘Network’ when you navigate to the settings. Click the OK button when you have reached it.
  3. In the network section, you will find wired LAN as the first option. Remember that you can also connect the Brother printer to your router using wire if you don’t want a wireless connection. This ensures high-speed connectivity. But if you still don’t want any wires to dangle around your printer apart from the power cable, follow the next step.
  4. Use the down arrow button again to navigate to the WLAN option. Click OK and go to the setup wizard, and hit the OK button.
  5. Now the printer will search for the available SSIDs in the radius. Once the search is over, you will get the router’s name on the screen. Now, if you have more than one Wireless network available, you may need to scroll down a bit. Otherwise, you can find the SSID right away.
  6. Click on the SSID and hit the OK button. Now, you will be prompted to enter the network key. The network is the password to enter the WLAN network.
  7. Put in the password, click on the OK button, and apply the settings. The printer will start connecting to the network and will prompt when it is connected.
  8. Now your Brother printer has joined the wireless network.
  9. After that, open the Windows control panel and go to the hardware section. Click on ‘add device’ and add your Brother Printer.

So, you can now use your system for printing, scanning, or sending a fax using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. A utility driver is also available on the support page of the Brother printer. You can download the same to assist you in setting up the connection.

How to connect Brother Wireless (Wi-Fi) to Mac?

If you are wondering how to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi on Mac OS, the steps are quite simple. First, follow the steps mentioned above up to the 7th step for connecting the printer to the WLAN network. Then, follow the system instructions below on your Macbook:

connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi
  1. Go to the system preferences after clicking on the Apple Menu.
  2. You will find different sections. Check for the hardware and sound.
  3. Click on the printer icon in that category, and you can now connect your printer, scanner, or fax machine to your computer network.
  4. Click on the + sign to add a device.
  5. Change the default printer to Brother printer and select a name for the device.
  6. Now, your system connection is established with the printer. You can start printing your documents from the Macbook without connecting your device to the printer with a wire.

Similar to that of windows utility drivers, Brother printers also have utility drivers for Apple devices. You can download the same from their support page to get assistance while setting up your printer.

Now, this was all about connecting the printer to a wireless network. But we don’t want people to feel left behind who want to connect Brother Printer to laptop through a wired connection. So to connect the device, you must secure a wired connection.

Connect the Printer communication wire with your laptop’s port. It will automatically install the drivers upon connection. Next, go to the control panel (for Windows) or system preferences (for Apple users). Next, add the Brother printer manually by searching on the network. Finally, rename the device, and once a green tick mark appears, your device is ready to be used.