How Setup Canon Printer- IJ.Start.Canon TS3122

The proper setup allows the devices to work better. There is less connectivity issue, and one can use the devices more effectively. IJ.Start.Canon TS3122 printer device also needs proper setup after unboxing. The setup steps are easy, and anyone can do it. Once the setup, one uses it with multiple devices and enjoys the convenience of this printer.

How to set up Canon printer through IJ.Start.Canon TS3122

The following information is a walkthrough on how to set up a Canon printer using ts3122.

But before starting the setup, make sure that the printer is ready to go. For that, use the following steps.

  1.  First, carefully take the printer out of its box and protective coverings. Place it at a stable spot and connect the AC cable to a socket. Then press the power button to switch it on.
  2. Next, fill in some basic settings like language and country. It will get one started on getting the device ready.
  3. After this, fill the ink cartridge and A4 size papers to their right slots. Be careful with the ink cartridge when peeling off the seal to avoid any connection disruptions and ink spillage.
  4. Then the printer will do a Self-Alignment and print an Alignment page with black and blue squares. One can scan this page later.
  5. Now, the printer is ready with all its features.

IJ Network Device Setup Utility

The ts3122 is a device utility tool that helps Canon users with networking issues. The customers will be able to screen the issue and fix network issues. This utility tool also helps with modifying the network settings of printers.

Apart from its diagnosis skills and providing solutions to network issues is has many more features. The utility software makes it easy to connect with the printer through wired (USB cable) and wireless connections.  

Using IJ Network Device Setup Utility for repairing and diagnoses

  1. Start with installing the software on the windows computer. One can access this through the start/windows icon. And if not visible, search for it.
  • Then click on the application and open it. After launching the tool, there will be two options visible on the screen but for fixing issues, choose the “Diagnose and Repair” option.
  • It will initiate the diagnosis process. After diagnosing the issue, the utility tool will automatically start repairing the connectivity problem.

The Setup Utility Tool acts just like any expert. As soon as any issue is detected, its starts initiating Troubleshooting Steps to repair the issue.

Setup Canon printer on Mac

The setup process between Canon Printer and Mac is quite simple. Follow the below steps, and the devices will connect in no time.


As said above, the setup process starts with unboxing the printer and carefully unwrap it from its protective covers. Make sure to not break the seal. If so, contact the manufacturer to take them back or replace them.

  1. Keep the printer safely in a steady place which is also close to an electrical socket.
  2. Plug the main power cable and press the power button to start with the setup procedure.
  3. The first thing is to set the Language, Country, Time, and Date. It will save in the printer’s settings.

Install ink cartridges and paper

After this, install the ink cartridges in their slots. One can find it by lifting the printer’s roof.

  1. Put paper in the input tray. One will need to buy both these supplies separately.
  2. The printer will Self-Align the system by printing an alignment page. Here the setup. is finished.

Driver installation

Now, the rest of the steps will help in setting up drivers in the computer, so that the user can use all the features of the printer. One can do it from the web or by using an installation CD.

  • Using web method
  • For the web method, search the driver and download it. Make sure that it is from a trusted website.
  • Next, open the location where it is saved and start the installation process by double-clicking it and giving permission.
  • After some time, the installation will be complete.

Using Mac CD

  1. For Mac users, CDs are available, which can help with the installation.
  2. When using the Mac CD, put it in the CD slot.
  3. When the computer recognizes it, it will start running the CD.
  4. Agree to the terms, and the canon installation will start.

Finish the set-up

After this, select the mode of connection and have the setup finished to connect the printer with the computer. Once the installation finishes, do remember to take the printer for a test to check if all its features are properly functioning or not. In case of any issues, contact the manufacturer or an expert. 

Even though one is dealing with high-tech technology with devices like the Canon Printer. However, there is no difficulty in getting it work-ready. The setup steps are simple, and the IJ Network Device Setup Utilityeven makes network repairing easy. All in all, the user will not have trouble handling such a device.