A Quick Guide on Setup Canon Pixma TR 4520

The Canon PIXMA TR 4520 is one of the best printers for photo printing. The vibrant colour and the accuracy of the colour made it different from the other printers. But many people find it expensive to print a lot of photos. It can be said that it has amazing photo printing quality. The problem associated with this printer is that the colour page is low.

Canon Pixma TR4520 Wired Connection Setup:

At first, it was designed for residence-based official purposes. But the speed of printing is quite slow. There is no wifi connection directly available here. This printer comes with 100 sheets of the paper tray and it is capable of holding 200 sheets. The CANON TR4520 printer has the capability of scanning both windows and the MAC operating system. This printer has amazing photo editing from the mobile phone, exceptional quality of photo printing and it can do two-sided printing automatically. Only CANON TR4520 gives all of the facilities at an affordable cost. It is important to follow the steps for CANON PIXMA TR4520 wireless setup:

To print or scan wirelessly from the windows, it is required to connect the printing device to the wifi network. After that, set up the printer driver and software on the personal computer

There are two ways to set up. The first is the printer is connected with easy wireless and another is the setup file is required to install after finishing the downloading for installing driver of the printer and software on the computer.

Canon Pixma MX490 Printer Wireless setup On Windows

The user needs to ascertain that the printer is switched on

Tap and hold the menu or wireless connect button for up to 3 seconds

After the displayed screen, the printing device is prepared to get the information and required to connect to the wireless network.

After the setup file is installed after download for installing driver and software.

  1. One can use the setup CD which comes with a printing device for installing the software.
  2. If the user finds the CD, he can see the option which is to use the updated software found on the internet. If he verifies the box, the current driver and software version is used automatically. Then mitigate the check from the box and if the user does not want to do this, he can choose the start setup.
  3. Then go through the notice regarding network security, then choose select. After that choose the appropriate region and choose next.
  4. After that go through the agreement of license and choose yes to proceed with the installation.
  5. Then choose Agree or Do not agree to the request of information.
  6. Then choose the yes for confirming the method of connection.
  7. Setup goes on
  8. When the connection of the network finishes, choose the select option.
  9. Then the driver of the printer is installed. The user needs to hang tight to complete the process.
  10. After the completion procedure, the information is displayed on the screen.
  11. Choose the start option if the user wants to take the print test or click the next option to proceed.
  12. If the user wants to use this as the main printer, the box which is set as after the default printer must be verified
  13. Choose any extra software the user prefers, then select the next option.
  14. Now it is time to install the additional software which takes some time.
  15. Then choose the next option.
  16. Then select the exit option. The installation of the software is finished. Now the printer is fully prepared for usage from the windows system.

Despite following all the above steps, if any kind of additional help is required, one can take the help of the company’s professional team

The features of the PIXMA TR4520 WIRELESS PRINTER:

CANON PIXMA TR4520 wireless setup
  • It is convenient to print from the iPhone, Mac, and iPad with AirPrint.
  • The printer can save a minimum of 50% of the cost of paper with DUPLEX printing.
  • A HYBRID PRINT SYSTEM is used for better photos and docs.
  • The canon is helpful for borderless photo printing
  • One can print from the android phone with the help Of the MOPRIA PRINT SERVICE
  • This printer can be used for printing and scanning from the Smartphone or tablet with the help of the application.
  • One can swiftly take the print with the help of a wireless connection and the CANON PRINT app connected with the Smartphone.

Canon Pixma MX490 PRINTER Wireless Setup on MAC:

  • The process will help the user to understand easily by reading thoroughly.
  • The user needs to ascertain that the printer is switched on when the power lamp (A) sparks.
  • Then click the setup button (B) of the printing device.
  • After that, choose the “wireless LAN Setup by pressing on the side arrow option then choose the ok option.
  • After the following steps, the printer will automatically look for wireless routers which are competent.

How to setup TR4520 wired connection:

  • If you want to set up Canon Pixma TR4520 wired connection you are advised to go through the following steps:
  • Select the Power On button of the Canon Pixma TR4520 printer.
  • Find the input tray and put A4 sheets into the tray.
  • You are suggested to verify the alignment of the papers.
  • The next task is the installation of the Canon Pixma TR4520 driver package on the desktop or laptop.
  • After that, the required print settings must be selected.
  • After performing required alterations in the computer press the apply button.
  • Then you are required to choose the size of the paper in the printer and the extra features as per the preset values.
  • Choose the quality of the printing as per your choice and your printer is ready for printing purposes.
  • The above-mentioned setup will be saved in your system once you choose the print operation with the present setting function.