Everything You Need To Know About Wireless Printer Setup

Printers play an extremely important role in all industries, whether they are on a large scale or small scale. There is a need to print documents, forms, even photographs, exam question papers from time to time, and one cannot go to a printing shop to get it printed out every time as it is not cost-effective or time effective. So is there any solution? Yes, there is with the wireless printers. They are extremely convenient, cost-effective, power-saving, time-saving, and whatnot. But it also depends upon which printer you are buying, which is why choosing the best printer is extremely important. Here’s your ultimate guide about how to set up, install, benefits, and everything you want to know about the printer.

Benefits of Wireless Printing

  • Place it wherever you want: With these printers, there’s no need of inserting USB cables or drivers. It provides accessibility from wherever you want with just a few clicks, and it also a clutter-free option. An Internet connection and a power source are all you want, and you’re good to go.
  • Allows mobile printing: These printers provide an option of mobile printing, too, if you don’t have a laptop or computer. This makes it convenient for small scale businesses to scan and print documents from the comfort of their smartphones. It is also an incredible option for students for notes, courses, and other important documents.
  • A brilliant option to save money: These printers won’t add much to your power bill and is extremely cost-effective. They give the best quality output while saving your money on cables too.

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Printer printing blank pages?

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Printer Offline Issues?

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First time printer setup & installation



Installing the printer for the first time isn’t that tough nut to crack by following the right set of instructions, that goes by:

Start by connecting your printer to a power source. After that, install the cartridges and paper in your printer and the tray.

Make sure you have a strong internet connection to connect to both the computer and the printer.

Slide the installation CD inside to install the printer drivers. If you don’t have one, you can download it from the brand’s official site too. 

Ensure to download the file before getting into the printer installation process. Once that is done, click on the install button. A connection type option will pop up on your screen. Select “wireless connection”.

An option of “wireless configuration” will pop up on your screen. Once that shows, select the guided setup.

Connect the printer and the computer through a USB cable for completion. Congratulations, you’re done with the printer setup, and installation and your printer are ready to be used.

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How to connect printer to wifi

The steps to connect your printer to a wireless connection is given below.

  1. Start by turning on your printer and connect it to a power source.
  2. Connect the printer and the computer to a strong WiFi network.
  3. Click on the button named “start” and then click on the “control panel” option.
  4. Click on the option “devices and printers.”
  5. You’ll see an option of “Add a printer”, click on that.
  6. An add printer wizard will open in front of you. From there, click on the option “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.”
  7. Your printer name will pop up on the screen. Click on that, and you’re done.

Most Common Printing Problems That Occurs

Printing problems can cause anyone a tough time. Here are the most frequent printing problems you are expected to encounter:

  • The printer is offline: Isn’t it frustrating that you’re in a hurry to get to someplace for the meeting, but your documents aren’t getting printed, and no matter how hard you try, it’s showing your printer is offline? In that case, turn off your printer and remove the USB cable. Once it is done, please remove it from your PC list of printers too. Switch on the printer again and wait for the red light, which marks that it is turned on. Connect the USB cable, and the name will pop up. And just in a few clicks, you’ll be done. If you’re using a wireless printer, just connect it to a power source and switch it on. The name will pop up on your computer list of printers; from there, select the printer, and your connection is established.
  • Paper jam: Paper Jam prevents your printer from carrying on with the printing process. This happens if the papers are torn if you don’t put the paper inside correctly or keep the printer’s papers’ varieties. Remove the papers gently and place them carefully again. Also, check your printer type.
  • Faded print: There May be times when the printer gives faded printouts. In this case, your printer is not the problem, but the ink and the toner cartilage or the paper is the problem. Make sure you use the best quality ink and set the toner correctly, hopefully resolving the problem.
  • The printer’s slow speed rate: There may be times when the printer works slowly, and it doesn’t seem pleasant. To avoid or solve this problem, make sure the firmware of your router is up to date.

Why Choose our printer Help

There are various guides over the Internet solving printing problems, and you might be thinking, why choosing our printer help? Well, going to our printer guide is worth it.

  • All in one: You don’t need to open different tabs to find one particular solution to a problem. This guide includes all the topics which you need to know about the printer. From the installation of your printer to the problems it may face, we got it all covered.
  • Simple solutions: No, we won’t tell you some rocket science to confuse you even more. You get the simplest and to the point solutions which you need.

Getting the knowledge of everything about a printer in one place is now possible. Find every answer to your query about printers in the simplest language without tapping on different links. With our ultimate guide to wireless printer, you can know how to set up and install your printer without any hassle of searching for information or calling your friends.